Westchester Metro DBT

Individual and Group Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Westchester County and New York City

What is Westchester Metro DBT?

Westchester Metro DBT is a team of three independently licensed psychologists, collaborating to provide individual and group Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to individuals and families. 

There is strong research-based evidence that DBT can help a variety of problems pertaining to managing emotions. Learning DBT Skills and participating in DBT with a trained individual therapist can help people develop constructive, long-lasting life changes. In DBT you will learn to regulate  intense emotions (Emotion Regulation Skills), to improve relationships (Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills), and manage stressful crises (Distress Tolerance Skills). DBT also teaches Mindfulness Skills--increasing attention and awareness of the present moment. Many people who feel stuck in therapy or have pursued other treatments with minimal benefit often find DBT to be a motivating and effective approach. 

Our team has completed the highest standard of training in DBT. We offer both individual psychotherapy and skills training groups for adults, parents, adolescents and children, and have offices in Ardsley, Hastings-On-Hudson, Scarsdale, as well as the east side and west side of New York City. 

Participation in a DBT Skills Group is an integral part of the DBT treatment model; furthermore, attending a group along with individual therapy is the essence of what DBT is.